Level Design

During my first year at University I was given theassigmnet to create a working ‘racing’ game for a Level Design module. We worked in a team of 4 (Neuphoria), 2 designers and 2 programmers, I was the main part of the design team which entailed creating 3D models and artwork for the game.

As part of design sector, we split the models equally, as I prefer to create environment art, I took on the role to model most of the environment, as can be seen in the playthrough below, leaving my partner to primarily model and texture the cars.

Hotline Sprint was chosen to appear at COMX 2018, a University games convention, where chosen students from all years display their individual or group work. We displayed our finished game for any viewers, giving them an opportunity to play our game and give us feedback.

Below is a quick video of the finished product: